Wheel Repair is a lot more than just paint.

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Solve more wheel problems for your customers and earn more money. Go from this damage.

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Repair damage like this.


Safely repair extensive damage to beads on one of a kind wheels.

Pro Wheel Repair Concepts Ltd

I can help your business!

After 25+ years in the wheel repair industry, Pro Wheel Repair Ltd is offering hourly charged consulting services  via WhatsApp to new and existing wheel repair shops.

Why not learn from someone who has extensive experience in all aspects of wheel repair from simple straightening to complicated machining and welding.

A little coaching while you learn will be with you forever.

Fast and efficient procedures.

When you are selling your services,  your time is your inventory.

 Using the correct procedures nets you the most profit. 

Drop me a line and I will respond via email to any questions. 

Repairs most people think are impossible.

Advice on refinishing wheel faces, how to do a cracked wheel repair. Other damaged wheels to include, boring mounting hubs, welding in new bead pieces, painted faces, multipiece wheels etc...

Tricks to installing tires without damaging your work, or breaking tire pressure monitors will make you more profitable.

Testimonial from CNC Wheel Lathe Manufacturer


"Mr. Bob Jones is one of the pioneers in the rim repair business from very beginning with lots of experience and expertise in terms of using the state of the art technology and high-tech equipment including Lehigh MR-2540 rim refinishing CNC lathe and Lehigh SR-2410 rim straightening machine for more than ten years. "

"Bob works very diligently with all types of rim repair jobs.  His broad knowledge and excellent skill in the rim repair business will be very valuable to anyone who just starts new shop for rim repair and someone who is already in this business but needs more training to do the jobs correctly in a professional manner. "

Thanks & Best regards,

Steven He  


Tel:  (888)-725-1866

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Customer testimonial


Bob Jones has been an invaluable resource in the proper setting up of my wheel repair business. Bob has the rare combination of real world experience, time proven techniques and deep industry knowledge. Bob owned and operated his own successful wheel repair shop for over 20 years and is now a dedicated and thorough teacher of the wheel repair industry. He can aid you in the selection of shop equipment, instruction of tips and techniques for a successful repair, items to look out for prior to repair, as well as the understanding of why the wheel was originally damaged and how to properly repair the wheel. I'm extremely fortunate that I had Bob as my mentor, he has enabled me to get the business up and running quickly with the the least amount of costly mistakes while providing the best repair available-anywhere!


Tom Jacobs

Bent Rim Cleveland, Ltd.

What it really takes to fix bent and cracked wheels

Badly bent wheel after straightening


check out the before

This was before

This was the before
Now let's fix one of these

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